The Sister Cities Association of Mansfield in England

We are dedicated to forging links between other Mansfield's in the world. We also work closely with Mansfield District Council who have a formal twinning relationship with Mansfield, Ohio, USA and Mansfield Rotary Club who are twinned with Mansfield Rotary Club in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

The Sister Cities Association has been in existence since 1989, and has close links with its namesakes all over the world. Over the years there have been many international contacts, both personal and business, and citizens of nearly all the Mansfield's in the world have visited - or been visited by! - citizens of other Mansfield's around the world.  

There are 40 places called Mansfield, or at least with Mansfield as part of their name. In reality there are actually 33 habitable cities, towns, villages, suburbs and hamlets which are formally named Mansfield. There are 7 other "places of interest" with Mansfield in the name.

To view maps of the 40 locations Click here 

May 2000 Mansfield, England Millennium Celebration

In May 2000, our efforts came to fruition in the form of the Mansfield Millennium Celebration, where representatives from eleven Mansfield's around the world travelled to our Mansfield for a three-week celebration of our towns. More than 100 visitors from around the world attended.

Mansfield Sister Cities visit to Mansfield, Massachussetts, May 2004

Photo montage of the Mansfield, Massachusetts gathering of Mansfield's from around the World between 14th and 23rd May 2004. The second such gathering following on from Mansfield, England in May 2000. click here

Mansfield's from around the World visit to Mansfield, Ohio, USA in June 2008

To see wonderful photo memories of the Mansfield, Ohio gathering of Mansfield's from around the World between 21st and 28th June 2008 click here

Mansfield, Ohio's Bicentennial Quilt Challenge 

To watch a short photo montage of the individual pieces that reflect the City of Mansfield, Ohio with contributions from members of the Mansfield, Ohio Sister Cities Association and others from Mansfield's around the World.

The finished quilt was presented at the 2008 gathering of Mansfield's in June that year. A truly amazing piece of work. click here

May 2012  Get Together in Mansfield, England

In May 2012 Mansfield, England again hosted people from other Mansfield's during a week long celebration that united once more all those with the common bond that has become so special to all those who have taken part in the Mansfield Experience.

Visitors from six Mansfield's around the world came to Mansfield, England for a week long exchange and enjoyed a hectic schedule of visits to places of interest in and around Mansfield.

To see the May 2012 weeks itinerary click here 

To see the May 2012 weeks photo montage created in DVD format from hosts and visitors personal photos who spent a week in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire in May 2012. The full itinerary is reflected day by day as the week unfolds. Never to be forgotten. Thanks to Don Mackenzie and his wife Jane for sorting through thousands of photos and editing them to create this unique record of an amazing week click here  or the short version click here

Mansfield, Victoria, Australia - The High Country 

To see a promotional video of Mansfield-Mt.Buller "The High Country" presented to the Mansfield, England Sister Cities Association by Tom Ingpen, former Mayor of Mansfield, Victoria during his visit to Mansfield, England's May 2012 celebrations click here

Mansfield UKbritish-flag-640

The UK or British flag is called the Union Flag. You can find out about the making of the UK flag and it's history by clicking here

Mansfield Civic Centre home of Mansfield District CouncilMansfield Civic Centre, Home of Mansfield District Council

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